The year 2020 has been challenging for many industries including for the multifamily operators and managers. I recently read an article about this issue that and I provided a link to the article at the bottom of this post. The article’s information is about how virtual leasing has been widely cited as a tool to outlast the pandemic. The article states that keyless apartment entry has become a must-have. Renters must have the ability to do everything from their own apartment home from paying their monthly rent to making online apartment maintenance requests. With these new challenges many companies both big and small are adapting quickly to this new reality where smart tech is in high demand, arriving with some roadblocks and struggles. Here is a list of 4 of these struggles with solutions.


This is the biggest and the most immediate challenge multifamily operators have been faced with is moving from in-person to virtual contact.


Renters favor money-saving solutions.

  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart or Dynamic Glass and Virtual Assistants

Choosing the right technology that renters really want should be foremost in the mind of all multifamily operators and managers. To be successful the technology needs to be convenient, accessible, intuitive, needs to solve a problem or create efficiency that enhances the renters living experience and sense of sanctuary.


Providing a seamless experience with a system connection to an Internet of Things enabled devices increases energy efficiency and reduces utility costs. There are a lot of technology players out there who don’t always want to play nice with each other. It can be tricky to make everything run fluid.


Technology is perpetually changing. This is a certainty. Multifamily owners and managers need to have the capacity to roll with the changes and update their technology. This is key to staying competitive and meeting renters’ expectations. You innovate, or you die.

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