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Moving Tips

How to Find the Best Movers Near You

The process of moving house can prove to be a tough period filled with puzzling situations and seemingly unsolvable dilemmas. Usually, the lack of a good plan can make things even more complicated than they need to be in the

Are You Making These Plant Moving Mistakes?

There are many options to moving with your houseplants — consider giving them to friends, local hospitals, or libraries, or sell them at a yard sale. Years of loving care can be invested into to our houseplants’ growth and maintenance,

3 Ways You Can Use Moving Back to Campus Safely

It’s that time of year when students gear up to return to school, leaving many wondering how they’ll move back to campus safely. As states reopen we’re still facing the concerns of COVID-19; many students are preparing to return to

Moving Alone? How to Meet People in a New City

A fresh start in a new city can be incredibly exciting, but moving somewhere alone isn’t for the faint of heart. In addition to getting settled into a new space and adapting to a different work environment, there’s a strong

Don’t Forget: 6 Things to Do Before Moving Off-Campus

Between scheduling your classes, joining student organizations, and trying to make sense of the fine print on your new lease, there are many things to remember before your big move off-campus. Dorm life is undoubtedly different than living in a

How Big Does My Storage Unit Need To Be?

Since the birth of the box truck people have been asking, “How big of a rental truck do I need?” But the same question now goes for the rising trend of renting a self-storage unit. The answer, of course, is

Moving with Pets

As if moving, packing, and planning a new home isn’t stressful enough, an added task  that can potentially complicate the process is safely and happily relocating your pets. Making sure your furry friends are moved to a new home with

How to Move Now That States Are Reopening

The COVID-19 #StayHome movement has postponed a lot of moves until things looked a little safer out there. If this sounds like the boat you’re in, you’ll be happy to know moving services (with added precautions) are now being offered

What to Pack When Moving: Packing Checklist

As soon as your move becomes only a matter of time, one of the first things you’ll need to do is start packing up your things for safe transport. You’ll just have to concentrate all your energy and time on

7 Moving Tips and Tricks

You’ve found your new home. Now start imagining all the possibilities. Moving can be super stressful—even when it’s only a short distance.  But we’re here to help. Check out our top tips for a stress-free move. Plus, get a coupon