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Moving Tips

Things to Know About RV, Boat and Automotive Storage

Many U-Haul locations have options for storing your RV, boat, motorcycle, and even your personal vehicle. Additionally, these facilities all have other features to make sure that your equipment is not only stored safely but also in the best condition

12 Brilliant Packing Tips and Tricks for Moving

Packing for a move is the most dreaded task in the moving checklist – there’s no question about it. In fact, no other task comes even close when it comes to the time, energy, and effort invested in the house

10 Valuable Tips for Moving to a New Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood is a big deal. In most cases, it’s a step way out of your comfort zone even if the destination neighborhood is located in the same town or city. And when moving to a new

How to Plan an Office Move: Office Moving Checklist

Through the years, a business is likely to face many challenges – both serious ones and trivial ones. And one of those difficult times for a company may prove to be an office move – not only because of the

Moving Into an Apartment for the First Time: Checklist and Tips

Moving into an apartment for the first time can be truly exciting. It’s the start of a new life where you hope to get the independence and freedom you’ve wanted for so long. But moving into your first apartment won’t

How to Move a Desk Without Hiring Movers

Moving a large desk to another home can be tricky. Moving heavy furniture from one home to another is never an easy task. And that’s exactly why you have to be sure you’re doing the right thing when you make

How to Find a Reliable Moving Company: 10 Steps to Trustworthy Movers

Are you looking for the most reliable long-distance moving company? You must be. Considering the fact that residential moving – safely transporting all household items from one home to another – is notoriously expensive, energy-draining, and stressful, you shouldn’t be

Do’s and Don’ts When Moving Furniture

Moving furniture by yourself be can trickier than you think. First of all, you should ask yourself the question of whether it’s really worth the trouble of paying a good amount of money to transport any furniture pieces at all

Checklist for Moving to a New City: 20 Easy-to-Follow Steps

Moving to a new city can be quite an adventure. Moving to a new city will always be a challenge. The good news is that the readier you are to face that new city moving challenge, the greater your chance

10 Tips on How to Pack Board Games for Moving

One thing is certain – packing for a move is NOT a game. Packing one’s belongings for a move is the most complicated and time-consuming task in anyone’s moving calendar. In reality, the packing task starts (or at least it