Sanford, Florida, is poised for a significant transformation with the announcement of a major apartment complex development on the south side of State Road 46, west of downtown. This ambitious project represents a $120 million investment and is expected to bring substantial economic growth and revitalization to the area[1].

The development, spearheaded by Daniel Kodsi, is a response to Central Florida’s burgeoning growth and the increasing demand for housing. With a population surge of nearly 119,000 people since July 2021 in the Orlando-Sanford-Kissimmee metropolitan area, the need for affordable and accessible housing has never been more pressing[4].

Tuscany Village, the name given to this 420-apartment project, is not just about providing a place to live; it’s about creating a community. The plans include not only residential units but also commercial development opportunities, public spaces for socializing, and amenities such as pools and a clubhouse. This project aims to offer a unique living experience that caters to both the residents of Sanford and the wider Central Florida region.

The city of Sanford’s economic development director, Brady Lessard, has expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the city’s readiness in terms of infrastructure to support such a significant investment. The project is set to break ground within a few weeks, with the first units anticipated to be ready by 2026. It promises to be a beacon of modern living, with the potential to attract more people and businesses to the area.

As Sanford prepares for this exciting new chapter, the Tuscany Village development stands as a testament to the city’s growth and potential. It is a clear indicator that Sanford is becoming a key player in Central Florida’s dynamic housing market, offering opportunities for residents to enjoy high-quality living spaces while contributing to the area’s economic vitality. For more details on this development, you can follow the ongoing coverage and updates[3]. [1]: “”
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