Millions of people have spent over-and-above time at home than was expected for 2020. Many are dreaming about possibly living somewhere else, often while scrolling through apartment listings. Are you finding yourself fantasizing about your ideal apartment home location? Maybe a location closer to work to have less commute time? Or one closer to family or school?

What are many people contemplating when they browse apartment listings? One great thing about an apartment is that it is not your forever home. You may sign a short term lease for many reasons such as while you are in school, COVID pandemic or a short term job position. Some people work remotely and may live in any ideal location.

The pandemic has disarranged some people’s priorities when it comes to housing; even those who never thought about moving now dream of more space, less space or a warmer climate. Many people who were not previously looking for an apartment are now considering moving or have broadened their rental searches.

Many people from New York and New Jersey are migrating to Florida to get out of the big city and enjoy good weather. Read our blog on Increased Migration from New Your and New Jersey to Florida

Florida has an unending list of fun things to do and interesting things to see. Lot’s of sunshine and fresh air means higher levels of vitamin D. Recent studies have found a link between low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of COVID-19 infection. See Does vitamin D protect against COVID-19?

So what makes different than other rental search websites? In the website you can search by Florida city, Florida County and by rental type. Rental type is apartments, homes, duplex, townhouse or rooms. When searching you will be able get data on population, median income level and local area points of interest. is fully connected to Google maps for you to search nearby each rental listing.

Try our new Florida rental search to find the location and rental that you’ve been dreaming about.