1. Restore The Home’s Roof

Since the roof is a prominent feature of your property, your tenants will be troubled if there is something wrong with it. For instance, if it is damaged, missing a shingle or two, or has a few broken tiles. Such a roof will allow water to enter the house and slowly destroy the property.

As a rental property owner, you need to inspect the condition of your roof every once in a while to ensure that it functions perfectly. If there are any challenges, carry out the necessary roof repairs such as fixing or replacing the damaged parts, unclogging the gutters, or cleaning and painting the roof.

2. Inspect The House’s Windows

Another area that requires maintenance are the windows. Over time, the shutters can get damaged, broken or worn out, making it impossible for them to close securely. As a result, these windows might not prevent rainwater from getting into the house. Furthermore, they will permit the air leakages, leading to high-energy bills. Moreover, the inability of the windows to close properly compromises the safety and security of your tenants. If you discover gaps on the windows, use water or weatherproof sealant to fill them.

3. Revamp The Yard

Take the time to inspect your property’s yard to ensure that it is in a perfect state. This means home should not have ugly overgrown bushes, weeds, stagnant water pools, fallen twigs, damaged driveway edges, or dying flowers. Any of these situations are an eyesore and can encourage the breeding of pests. For that reason, address each and every situation accordingly to make your property appealing and comfortable.

4. Fumigate The Property

Even though cleaning up the yard will keep off pests, it is not sufficient. You must further disinfect the premises to ensure it is completely free of pesky pests and rodents. You can enlist the services of reliable extermination service provider. Your renters will without a doubt cherish staying in such a pest-free property.

5. Inspect The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The state’s building codes obligate every landlord to install properly operating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors within their rental properties. Since these devices play a critical role in ensuring the safety of the renters, it is imperative that they remain in good working conditions. Make time to inspect the gadgets and verify that they do work and that the batteries are in an excellent shape. When renters see how much concern you put into their wellbeing, they too will deliberately work in keeping you happy.

6. Clean The Rental’s HVAC System

It is prudent to ensure that the HVAC systems in your rental houses work efficiently. Come up with a schedule where you change the filters, inspect the units and clean them. Such maintenance service will ensure that your AC equipment runs efficiently without being overworked. As a result, the devices will last longer, while your tenants will enjoy favorable room conditions devoid of increasing energy bills.

7. Unclog The Fireplace

In case your rental property has a fireplace, you should take the time to remove dirt, soot or any other debris that might clog the chimney. A clogged vent is a nuisance since instead of releasing smoke outside, the smoke spreads throughout your home. Furthermore, it results in the buildup of creosote, which can eventually result in a fire outbreak.