The flood of chocolate hearts, red roses, and pastel candies on retail store shelves can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day has arrived.

And while most everyone gets into the loving spirit when met with cupid’s arrow, February 14th isn’t the only day to show those you love that you care. That same principle holds true for those tenants that you adore.

If you’re hoping to reduce turnover and shower your tenants with love all year long; here are some tenant appreciation ideas that might be your perfect match.


tenant gift basket


Start the tenancy off on the right foot by putting together a simple tenant welcome basket. It’s an easy relatively low-expense way to make your tenant feel extra welcome at your property. Remember, the more a tenant feels like your rental is truly home, the longer they will be inclined to stay.


We all know why resident events can be so helpful, they encourage community and ensure that renters enjoy their time at your residence. If you know you should be hosting more but haven’t gotten around to it, make it a plan! There are a lot of easy-to-execute resident event ideas out there, and even some creative virtual ideas that can be executed safely. There’s no doubt your tenants will be grateful.

tenant thank you card


On your property or management company’s anniversary, send out a card announcing the big day. Within that card, thank your residents for their tenancy and their continued relationship with your management services. Remember, property management has its ups and downs, but without your customers (your renters) the job would literally be impossible. Take a second to handwrite a personalized message. Even if it’s short, your tenants will appreciate that you took the time to mention that you care.


Ensuring a steady income from a dream tenant for another year is no small feat; why not further solidify your good relationship with a great tenant by offering a small gift when they renew? It furthers their satisfaction with your property and can be financially a no-brainer when the alternative may be tenant turnover costs. Remember, a renewal incentive doesn’t have to be an extravagant flat-screen TV or a huge discount on rent; it can be a mutually beneficial appliance upgrade that will stay with the apartment or a new flooring installation.

tenant birthday card


Let’s face it, most of us meet our trips to the mailbox with groans of consternation. When endless bills and spam are the constant purveyors of the mailbox, it can be a huge breath of fresh air to get an actual handwritten card–especially one recognizing your birthday. Let your tenants know that they are more than a name on your accounting sheets, by sending a card on their birthday. The message doesn’t have to be profound or time-consuming; in this case, it’s truly the thought that counts.


The most successful landlords and managers realize that the property management industry is customer service based, at its core. And nothing will make up for disregarding maintenance requests or tenant concerns about the property. Following through quickly and efficiently with issues is the most effective way to show your tenants that you care about their experiences when living on your property.

schedule updates with tenants


Not all tenants will express their concern on what they may consider a minor–or non-immediate–issue. Unfortunately, many tenants have not cared for a home or property before and don’t understand that a “small” issue can lead to BIG expenses down the road if not addressed. To prevent an expensive repair that will inconvenience your tenant, and to learn about any difficulties that could make your tenant decide not to renew, schedule regular check-ins to ensure they are satisfied. They may let you know that they wish the carpet was replaced, or perhaps you’ll find out about a minor leak that could have caused severe water damage over time. Either way, you’ll be sure to find out what you can do to make your tenant more comfortable in the residency.


If you know you are going to paint the inside of an apartment, or if you are planning to hire a new yard maintenance company to redesign the front yard, why not ask your tenants their preference during the process? You certainly don’t need to hand over the reins completely, just offer a few pre-approved options and get your tenants’ input. This is even possible with large multifamily properties, if you’re repainting the foyer or choosing a new perennial for the front garden, make it fun by creating a tiny resident survey.

professional cleaning service


Every year has its gift-giving occasions, why not use one of those times to truly spoil your tenant. Often, managers will wait until turnover to hire a professional cleaner, but for tenants who have lived at your property long-term, this can allow stains and gunk that the average person can’t address, to build up. Ensure your unit shines by gifting your long-term tenants with a professional deep clean before the holidays or another busy season. This tenant appreciation idea not only takes a burden off of your tenants but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your unit is being well-tended to, even during a tenancy.


There will always be renter horror stories, but chances are, your tenants actually would like to maintain the property appropriately and get their security deposit back. Many renters simply don’t take the time to learn about their responsibilities within the property or how to navigate damage-free living. Give them the tools with a tenant newsletter. Offer decorating tips, quick maintenance checklists, and remind them of fun events coming soon.

Showing your renters that you love them and their tenancy doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Combining simple cards and greetings, with great communication and customer service–and maybe a small gift or two along the way–is all you need to ensure that your tenants will love you back.