The fall flowers are beginning to bloom. The summer clouds
are parting. The hot temperatures are giving way towards favorable

All of this means it’s time to get a hitch and bike rack (from your local U-Haul store) and begin your trail ride.

With spring fully in the air, what better way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle than to hit the trails. Whether it’s an hour bike ride or a four-plus hour excursion into the backcountry, we’ve compiled some of the best podcasts and apps to entertain and help you plan your trip.

The Go-To Biking Apps


This is a fan favorite and one of the most used apps to
track your exercises. You can either track directly within the app or connect
it to your smartwatch and let it sync up once your ride is over. Plus, you can
share all the miles you’ve crushed, setting the bar for your friends.


Another community-based exercise app, that isn’t exclusively
for cycling. Show off all the workouts you do throughout the week and challenge
your friends and neighbors!


You’re stoked for a ride. You’ve got the bike tuned up. But wait, where are you going? This is where Trailforks comes in! Find and plan your ride in this great app.

MTB Project

Similar to Trailforks, MTB Project is less “official” and is user-generated, giving it the authenticity many riders look for. While you’re relying on riders for their documentation, there are also opportunities to find some hidden gems.

U-Haul Bike Hitch

Outdoors podcasts (and others) to propel you on a long ride.

You’re here because you love the wild. You love the wind
rushing through your hair. You love the fresh air and stunning vistas. You love
the wild. While you’re in the wild, here are some outdoorsy and not so
outdoorsy podcasts to keep you company.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

From REI, this is a podcast about travel, outdoor life, adventure, heartfelt stories, and much more. Get excited about your next trip or shed some tears over emotional tales.

The Dirtbag Diaries

Stories from across the outdoors landscape, breathing life
into local communities, mom&pop stores, and different cultures. Ready to be

Overheard at National Geographic

This is a gnarly podcast. Listen to the backstory of some of
NatGeo’s most epic stories from the people who experienced them firsthand.

NPR’s UpFirst

Start your morning with the latest news from NPR in 10-12
minutes. Their flagship podcast is loved by so many who need a quick recap of
news as they start their day.

New York Times the Daily

Considered the gold standard for a short, but informative
dive into the day’s biggest topics. Michael Barbaro will take you effortlessly
through the news of the day.

Freakanomics Radio

A unique look at different cultural and economic issues throughout the last 70 years, such as Economics of Sports Gambling, or Are we running out of ideas, and There’s a war on sugar. Is it Justified? Come hear a different way to look at something you’ve never given a second look.

Bill Simmons Podcast

Sports. Pop Culture. Life. Bill Simmons keeps you up to
speed on the world of sports and pop culture in his two to three times a week

Time To Hit The Trail

Now that you have everything you need for a trail ride, it’s time to do it. Load up your bike, download some podcasts and tunes, and put some distance between you and everyone else!

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