Deciding to move can be challenging enough when you’re on your own. But when a job relocation means uprooting your kids from their friends, schools, and hobbies, it becomes even more complicated. Before packing up your belongings and moving to a new state, you should consider a few things to make the transition a little easier.

Moving your family for a job across state lines can feel overwhelming, but it’s certainly not an impossible feat. There are a few tips for you to know ahead of a big move that’ll make relocating with kids a breeze rather than a burden.

Connect with your employer.

If you’re relocating for work, your company may offer assistance in the form of a relocation package. In some cases, a relocation package involves a cash payment from your employer to arrange and pay for your move. In other cases, your company’s HR may hire an all-inclusive relocation company to organize the logistics of your move. Figuring out what your relocation package covers is a crucial step when planning and budgeting your move!

Look for a home in your new location.

One of the first steps to moving out of state is securing a place to call home in your new location. There are several factors to consider with this decision, like proximity to your workplace, school districts, neighborhood amenities, and public transportation.

You’ll also need to think through whether you’re going to live in a long-term rental, sign a short-term lease while you’re house hunting, or buy a home before you get there. Given that there are benefits to every option, be sure to take your time and choose carefully, and ultimately do what feels best for your family.

Research multiple moving companies.

Once you’ve signed the dotted line on your future home, you’ll have to figure out how everything you own will get there. Will you invest in a portable moving container, hire a professional moving company, or rent a moving truck and haul it all yourself?

Since cross country moves can cost upwards of several thousand dollars, it’s worth looking into pricing and special offers from three or four companies before you commit. Take the time to interview each, read customer reviews, compare quotes, and ensure whoever you go with has proper licensing and insurance.

Sell your furniture for a lighter load.

If you’re searching for the cheapest ways to move furniture to another state, you might want to move with less by selling or donating some of your larger pieces. Your kids can help you organize a one-day or weekend garage sale, where you can accept best offers or use ‘everything must go’ prices. Selling furniture means less weight (and less cost) for a moving company, and it will lighten your load if you’re DIYing the move.

Look into furniture rentals for your new place.

If you go the garage sale route, you’ll have some extra cash to buy or rent furniture for your new place. If you want to get acquainted with the area before moving into a forever home, short-term furniture rental may be the most convenient option for your family. With CORT’s furniture subscription model, you can order what you need online and have it set up before you even arrive — it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Let your kids pitch in with packing.

When it comes to kids and moving, it’s great to involve them whenever and wherever it makes sense. A month ahead of your moving date, encourage your kids to sort through their belongings, and pick out clothes or toys to donate to a local charity or give away to a friend. Then, with a week until the move, ask them to pack what they’re keeping into their own box(es), which they can take time to decorate or personalize.

Letting kids participate in the move will ease their transition, since they’ll feel included in such a significant change rather than feeling like it’s merely happening to them.

Set a room aside for the kids to enjoy.

With all that’s going on leading up to your move, it’s helpful for the kids to have somewhere to retreat when things get hectic. You can start packing items from that room, just make sure they have enough to feel comfortable and stay entertained.

If your furniture has already been sold or removed, keep a few pillows or bean bags in that space for the kids to lounge on for the time being. Additionally, stock a bin or basket with toys, books, games, and snacks for them to graze on while you’re ironing out last-minute logistics.

Decide how everyone is getting to Point B.

Figuring out how to transport your family members (including pets) is a big to-do before moving. Of course, this all hinges on what type of move you’ll be having — whether you’re using a moving container, moving company, or moving yourself.

Getting to your new destination may require a combination of flights and interstate travel depending on your kids’ age and what you’re taking with you. No matter the method of transportation, you’ll want to have a plan to make moving as stress-free as you can.

Tie up any remaining loose ends

Many details can slip through the cracks when planning for a significant move, so do yourself a favor by making a checklist of everything that needs doing before the big day. Take note of things like changing your mailing address, arranging utility hookups, registering for new schools, and finding help with unloading. By handling those things in advance, you’re sure to save yourself a headache down the road when you’re trying to settle into your new home.

Moving cross country with kids is no small task; from packing up your entire house to updating all your contact information, there’s a lot to get done with a long-distance move. But if you implement these tips for moving out of state, you’ll be well on your way to your new location.

And remember, you don’t have to live out of boxes or feel displaced when you’re in a rental property. By leasing with CORT Furniture Rental, you can be feeling right at home in no time!