Moving can be one of the most awesome things that can happen to anyone’s life. After all, moving means you’re going to move on to another stage of your life. A new home or a new apartment means a new chapter in life filled with many opportunities. However, before you can fulfill your dreams with your new home, you have to deal with actually moving houses first. And if you’re moving to another country, one of the services you need to hire would be moving services. Unfortunately, finding them might not be as easy as it seems – but it’s not impossible.

However, just because it’s your first time finding cross country movers doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find them. In fact, thanks to the internet and social media, it’s become very easy for anyone to find prospective movers that can help them with their moving needs. However, with hundreds of moving services out there, just how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Here are some of the ways for you to find the best cross country movers:

  • Identify what kind of move you want to make first. Before you find movers for your location, you need to identify what sort of move you want to make. Are you moving houses, moving offices, or even opening a new business? These kinds of moves require different specializations, and while most movers advertise they can do “all” kinds of moves, it’s still better to look for movers that can specifically pull off what you’re asking. For instance, if you’re looking to do interstate moving, then interstate movers should be the people you’re looking for.
  • Look for movers in both online forums and social media communities. Aside from search engines, you can actually look for movers in niche communities in online forums and social media. You can search for groups related to the moving industry in order to check what moving companies are active in interacting and engaging with users.
  • Check if moving companies you like have easy-to-access websites. One of the most important components of a reliable moving company is an appealing website. This doesn’t mean you should see the appeal in visuals “alone.” Rather, it’s the fact that a good website means your moving company has taken the time to establish its credibility through the means of an accessible website. Having an accessible website means your prospective company has taken the time to make sure they’re easily reachable. As such, if your prospective company has a great-looking website, it’s likely to be a plus point.
  • Check what sorts of services those moving companies offer. It’s also important for you to check whatever your prospective companies offer. For instance, they have to be able to help you with long distance moves, packing services, and even interstate moving. These are some of the most basic moving services reliable moving companies should be able to offer.
  • Check what special services are unique to them. Try to ask what sort of moves they specialize in, and what they can offer that other companies won’t be able to offer you. These all have to do with making the moving experience as unique to you as possible. For instance, United Van Lines can help you with cross-country moving, which makes them the most ideal choice if you’re planning to move from one country to the other. They also go out of their way to emphasize what services they have that specifically ties into these services. Try to ask what makes your prospective company unique and see if you can use it to your advantage.
  • Ask them about their moving process. Aside from asking your prospective company about their moving services, ask them about how they conduct their moving process. For instance, you can ask about what sort of motor carriers and moving truck they use, and how they handle other logistical concerns.  If you hire them now, what should you expect from them? How often do they conduct meetings with you, and when will they make inspections? What do they inspect and what do they check before the move? Do you have other requirements that you need to submit, and what other difficulties should you expect while doing the move with them?
  • Tell them about what objects you want to move. One of the most important things you can do when talking with your prospective moving companies is to tell them about the objects you want to move in the first place. What sort of items do you own, and if any of them are fragile. What special items do you own, like plants, antiques, or even huge musical instruments. Certain moving companies like North American Van Lines can help you conduct moves with special items, as their interstate moving services and specialized moving truck can help you out.
  • Confirm if your prospective movers actually operate legally. This advice might be overkill, but it won’t hurt to be sure of who you’re hiring. If you’re really liking what you’re reading about a moving company, try to ask your business bureau whether your prospective moving company actually exists. Likewise, try calling local authorities and land institutions in your new home’s neighborhood or region to confirm whether your particular moving company will be able to operate to your home. This will make sure you’re considering the right movers for your moving needs.
  • Check what reviews have to say to your prospective companies. Another important consideration you should make regarding your prospective moving company are reviews other customers might have of them. You should check what customer reviews say regarding your prospective movers, especially if you have to take note of a certain red flag or warning regarding those services. Good reviews are great as they denote that your prospective moving company may be reliable. However, bad reviews should warn you that a moving company might not be trustworthy and you should take your chances elsewhere.
  • See what factors they take into account when they offer you with a quotation. The quotation is one of the most important elements to think about whenever you plan a move with a moving company. See if they make quotations based on the weight of your belongings, based on the services you’d like to avail, and other factors that may increase or decrease the overall quotations. This means that, if possible, try to ask for quotations from various companies based on which services of their interest you the most and see the best deal out of what all your prospective moving companies offer.
  • Always ask if their particular quotations are final or not. When you look for reliable movers, always look and observe the way they offer their quotations with you. When they give you an original estimate of how much the move will cost, try to ask them whether this takes into account all the possible costs or if there are other “surprise” costs that may show up during the moving day. Aside from that, also ask if they have a binding estimate, which is an estimated cost of your move that won’t change regardless of how much your things weigh.

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that while a lot of cross country movers exist, there’s likely going to be a few that will fit your particular standards. When talking or negotiating with potential movers, make sure you make them aware of what you’re looking for and what services you want them to do for you. That way, they can immediately clarify with you as to whether or not they can be the movers to meet your needs or if you need to find another one for your move.